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“John is an amazing teacher, mentor, and supporter. After many years of lessons with him, I have noticed my technique, creativity, and versatility greatly improve on the kit. He has the ability to break down a groove or a concept and convey it in an engaging and understanding way that makes it fun and rewarding to learn. His teaching style ranges from very technical and rudimentary practices to abstract concepts on the kit and life wisdom as a working musician in the business. I love how he greatly values the importance of technique and movement around the kit for the sole purpose of bringing out your greatest potential in your performance and so you can stay healthy and continue playing for years”. - Zach Stone, Student 

Our 7 year old son had shown interest in drums last fall but we were worried as he's a small 7 year old.  We started going to a big box store that offered lessons.  Our son immediately enjoyed it but unfortunately the school was not consistent with their schedule.  I reached out to John a few month ago and we have stuck with him since.  He comes every week and is great with younger kids.  Our son is shy normally and John got him to start coming out of his shell quickly and I feel he has learned quicker and gets more excited for his weekly lessons than before.  Best part is he comes right to the house”! -Chris Audet, Parent

“My son Dylan has been taking lessons with John for six years.  John has been a big part of Dylan’s success over the years.  His dedication, knowledge, professionalism and a true love for what he does surely shows and has helped Dylan so much. I highly recommend John”! -Cheryl Solano, Parent

“I took lessons from John for 5+ years. He took me from a first-timer to an advanced player and was instrumental in my college audition preparation. John is a serious master of all styles, teaching me everything from rock to jazz and funk. Now when I’m in a session and someone’s asks me to play a Rumba, I know what they mean! I’ve since graduated and play professionally and can say with confidence that John’s been the most influential drum teacher I’ve ever had. Just here to say THANKS JOHN and if anyone wants to talk with me more about John or drumming as a lifestyle (ha!) My inbox is open”. Evan Gillis, student

I took drum lessons from John for about 5 years in high school. While I was an accomplished musician on the local rock scene, he pushed me to expand beyond my comfort zone, and explore other genres of music to become more well rounded. I owe my love of Jazz to John. His teaching style is patient, but persistent, and always strives to get the best out of his students. If you want to become a better drummer, no matter what your skill level, you owe it to yourself to work with John. Brian Ploetz, student

“John was my first drum teacher. Over the 10 years of lessons, he taught me the basics of drums and music theory. As my skills improved, John taught me a many different styles of music, from rock, to jazz, to a variety of Latin rhythms. John is very knowledgeable and understands how to effectively transfer his knowledge to each student. He has the ability to challenge his students, while making the lessons fun for everyone in the room. John is very personable and wants to see all of his students succeed. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in drum lessons, at all levels.” Stephen Panetta, student

“Excellent drummer and great teacher!” David gordon, student

"John Medeiros Jr is a very enthusiastic, gifted, and knowledgeable drummer and musician. When struggling with techniques and rhythms, John produces many strategies to overcome them and make sure that his students understand how to play these rhythms and use these techniques correctly. I personally have recommended him to fellow drummers and will continue to because of his great teaching style."
Mikaela Sullivan, student

"My experience with John has gone way beyond my expectations. He is an amazing drummer who uses fun and exciting teaching methods. He has inspired me to be the best drummer that I can be and has brought me to a whole new level of drumming."
Jonah Folks, student

"John has been providing lessons to my 13 year-old son and myself for the past several months. Having lessons in the home has made our hectic lives much easier (I've been wanting lessons for years but already am spread to thin to go to another appointment!). He as worked with each of us at our respective levels and varies the lesson with theory, fundamentals, and chords that help us enjoy playing even with out knowing very much yet. As complete novices, we are both progressing and enjoying ourselves. What more can you want from a teacher?
Phil Robbins, student / parent

Our son greatly benefited from John's instruction. We have seen his musical skills dramatically improve and he is more confident and enthusiastic in his drumming. John's wide range of of knowledge and his approachable teaching style have really helped our son reach a whole new level. John, being well versed in other instruments has helped everything from learning the scales to accompanying drum lessons to help "keep the beat". We highly recommend him to anyone in search of a great drum instructor."
Kim and Scott Gowell, parents

"My son Khush has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Mr. Medeiros. He has very cool ways of teaching and is a very dedicated teacher. He is also a very nice person to work with. My son cannot wait until his next lesson!"
Hetal Patel, parent

"I've been taking lessons with John for years, Not only is he an incredible musician, he's also a great teacher. When I first started taking drum lessons with him, he was very patient with me, even though I struggled at times. He always found a way to break things down and make it easier to learn. Years later I'm still learning from him. I think John has a lot to offer for the beginner or the advances drummer and can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am as a musician today if it wasn't  for John."
Dan Laverty, student

"Having worked with many of the Northeast's top drummers I can easily say that John Medeiros Jr. is one of the best drummers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His time and feel are impeccable and his versatility is unheralded. Not only that, but he is a consummate professional and gem of a human-being. Yup, all that and a bag of chips ... a monster-time-keeping-pocket-full-of-groove-never-late-for-a-gig-helluva-nice-guy bag of chips." 
Nick David, Mr. Nick and The Dirty Tricks

"I've known John for about 5 years now, and he is a man after my own heart! Aside from the fact that he is most important, a great human being, he is a well rounded and talented musician. Not only does he have chops and theory on many instruments including his voice, he has the most important thing of all, in my opinion, feel! That above all makes him a great student and teacher of the great gift of music."
Randy Barr, Fast Times / Barr None

"If you show up and Medeiros is on drums you know you're in for a righteously groovy night"
Mark Early, Roomful of Blues

"He gives his clients exactly what they want"
Lynda Marshall, Singer / Songwriter

Home Studio
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